Recovery from hip replacement surgery will limit your mobility. You will have some difficulty getting around, bending over, and dealing with day to day activities. Preparation is important for making your recovery as easy as possible. Before your surgery date, try to schedule some time for a friend or loved one to come by and help out. You may have difficulty making meals, changing dressings, or doing household chores. Your independence will be important though. Things you can get beforehand to help you throughout your recovery process. Things like walkers for getting around the house. A bath bench or bathing wipes for cleaning. A hip kit is a great thing to have. A hip kit is a kit of long reaching items to help with no being able to bend over. A reacher, a long sponge handle for bathing, a sock aid and long shoe horn for putting on shoes and socks. Also think about where you will sleep or relax. A hospital bed can be rented and can easily be adjusted to your comfort while you sleep. You may need your hips or back in a different position than you are used to for pain management. Hospital beds can be rented in this case as you will not need it after your recovery. A lift recliner will also be a comfort for you while you recover. A lift recliner or lift chair is adjustable with a remote and will help lift you to a standing position. Helping you remain independent and comfortable while you recover. Cold therapy units may also be used for helping with pain management and helping with speeding up recovery. These few things can make a tough recovery process easier and allow you to focus on getting better.

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