While knee surgery is often painful and difficult for recovery, it is very beneficial in the long run. But during recovery, there will be pain, discomfort, and limited mobility and independence. There is medical equipment that will help during this difficult time. Medical equipment may be expensive and, being only temporary need, not know what to do with it afterwards. This is where medical equipment rentals will help the most. Equipment that is delivered before your surgery, and picked up when you are ready to be without it. Equipment that is cleaned, sanitized, and in good working order for your recovery. Things to consider while in recovery. Sleeping, mobility, toilet, and bathing. Is your bed upstairs and you won’t be able to safely get there? Will you have trouble sitting on your couch while recovering? Will getting up and down off a toilet or standing in a shower be difficult?

These are the usual constraints of recovery. You will have lots of down time while you are recovering and while dealing with pain you will not want any unneeded difficulties. Range Medical offers solutions to temporary medical needs during recovery. A hospital bed can be rented for short periods. They are easily set up anywhere in the home and can be adjusted with the push of a button to find your perfect position. You probably wont spend all your time in bed, for that we rent medical lift recliners to use for your recovery. Used for rest, relaxation, and recovery, the lift recliners are the best thing you can do for yourself after surgery. If you are using an Ice Machine for pain management, you may want to consider a lift chair with heating pads to counter act the cold therapy machine. For bathing and toilet use, we have simple, affordable equipment for purchase. Use as needed and discard. Take a look at all these options along with pricing.

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