So you or your loved one is in need of some medical equipment. The basic wheelchairs, walkers, or crutches are recommended by your doctor and that’s all you need, right? Maybe. Certain accessories with your equipment will make your recovery much faster any easier than with just the basic equipment. Lets start with wheelchairs.

Your basic wheelchair is vital to get around while with a knee or ankle injury. It helps you stay off your feet and helps keeps you safe while you recover. But what about quality of life items while you are in your wheelchair? What can make your time easier? First, your seat. If you will be spending a lot of time in your chair, a cushion may be in order. Basic foam cushions or gel cushions will make your time sitting more comfortable and are fairly inexpensive as an add on. Will you be using it in the house or at work? A wheelchair bag or side saddle will make carrying things much simpler while your hands are pushing the chair. Cup holders are also a nice addition which can be attached to most wheelchairs.

What about using a walker? Walkers accessories always start with the basket. A front basket will make carrying things a breeze while you use your walker. Some rollators/walkers with seats will come with a basket or bag standard, but your basic grey folding walker will not. If your walker has front wheels, you may want to add skis to the back to allow it to slide easier. This will depend on how you are going to use the walker though. You want to check with your Doctor or Physical Therapist to see how they would like you to use your walker and the skis are not for everyone. Grip pads will also make your walker experience more pleasant. If you will be using it for long periods of time, a pad for your hand will make all the difference.

Knee scooters will most likely come with a basket for carrying things, but that’s not all you can do. Knee pads or covers will help keep you comfortable as you scoot around. Cup holders can usually be attached to most knee scooters as well. Things not thought of would be a bath seat and ankle cover for your foot while you bathe. Post op shoes if you can not put your regular shoe over a cast or bandage. Even ice packs or cold therapy machines will hasten your recovery and may be worth a try.

If you are in need of a hospital bed, the over bed table is a must have. An adjustable rolling table to go where you need it. Use it for eating, holding basins and dressings, reading materials, etc. An alternating pressure pad is excellent for individuals who will spend a lot of time in a hospital bed. The alternating pressure pad will reduce the chance of developing bed sores and help heal existing ones. Bedside commodes will limit the amount of distance the user will need to go to use the restroom. Bed pans and urinals for individuals who are bed bound. A trapeze bar can be attached to your hospital bed to allow the user to reposition themselves. Trapeze bars are not for everyone, though. The individual will need to have sufficient upper body strength to use them. Side rails will usually come on your hospital bed but you can receive either half rails or full length rails. Half rails will be useful for getting in and out of bed while the full rails are for individuals who are at risk of falling. If the hospital bed is used in a care facility or rehab center, you want to check to see if they allow rails as they can be seen as restraints.

There are always products out there to make your medical needs more comfortable, but sometimes they’re not always obvious. We here at Range Medical Homecare Supplies hopes this helps you or your loved one in difficult times. To make the recovery a little easier.

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