Electric mobility scooters are probably the best equipment out there for active individuals who have some mobility limitations. Mobility scooters help people retain their independence and not miss out on adventures with friends and family. They are an easy to use, often faster than they need to be, and todays models are a comfortable ride as well. So What type should I get? Lets take a look at the options.
The first style we’ll go over is a travel series. At Range Medical, we carry the Pride Go Go travel scooters. These are small, light weight scooters which disassemble easily to be put into a car or truck for transport. Take them easily to a baseball game, casino, or park. Take a trip around to the market or meet up with friends. The travel mobility scooters travel between 8 to 14 miles on a single charge depending on the style of scooter. The Go Go Sport model offers larger wheels, larger front basket, a headlight, and larger batteries for a faster, further ride. Sort of the Cadillac of smaller scooters. Being smaller scooters, they are also excellent for indoor use as well. Small enough for doorways and have a small turning radius. If the user will be using in primarily indoors, a 3 wheel version is advised. If outside is the primary place, then the 4 wheel version will be smoother with bumps and rough terrain.

The next style is the mid size scooter. Range Medical carries the Pride Victory models. Mid size scooters are when they are the users primary mode of transportation. They are a small car to be used where people walk. They come with larger battery life and are faster. Meant for a lot of use and durability. Lots of options are available with these scooters, including flags for visibility, rear mirrors, adjustable backrest, even USB chargers for your phone. They are more of a car for the user to get around town. If needed to transport via car, a scooter lift would be necessary. Most mid size scooters do disassemble, but due to the weight of the pieces, its not very practical.

The heavy duty scooters are the biggest, and the best. Scooters such as the Pride Wrangler. If you want to go anywhere you want, than these are the scooters for you. Build strong and go very fast, these are basically small cars for use.

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