Keeping your independence at home is important, mentally and physically. But keeping the environment safe, such as in the bathroom, can be challenging. Bathroom safety is very important as more than a third of household injuries happen there. The wet, smooth surfaces are the perfect storm for slip and falls. Today we will provide information on products that are easy to use, and create an safe environment for the user.

First, the toilet. Most toilets tend to be very low to the floor, making it difficult for users to bend down or stand back up after use. Products like a raised toilet seat, toilet safety frame, or commode, create a solution to this common problem. A raised toilet seat will come as a set height, either 3.5 to 5 inches, and will lock or clamp onto the toilet bowl. There is a choice to get a seat with handles or no handles, and make sure to specify whether your toilet is standard or elongated. The clamping versions will usually fit both but the bolt on will need to be the correct size. If the seat height is fine but the user simply needs some help getting up, toilet safety frames will attach to toilets using the existing bolts that hold the seat on. This will give any toilet easy to use handles to hold on to or push off from. The commode is the best of all of these devices. It is height adjustable to be set at the perfect height the user needs, comes with handles and is free standing, requiring no installation.

Second, the shower/tub. A bath bench is the simplest option to avoid slipping while using the shower. Most are height adjustable and come with a back or handles if desired. Easily placed in a tub or shower with no installation and small, rubber suction tips on the legs to avoid slipping. Most will cost between $30 to $80 and are easy enough to set up. A hand held shower handle is an excellent addition to using a bath bench to make cleaning and adjusting the water flow easy to control. If the rail of the tub presents a risk of falling, using a tub bar can be an easy hand hold as the user steps in, requiring no installation. If that is not an option, then a transfer bench is a safe solution. A tub transfer bench will sit on the outside of the tub and the inside. The user sits outside and slides to the inside of the tub with no high stepping or slipping. There are different styles from plastic, to padded, to seats that actually slide for users with very limited mobility.

These are the most common, and easy to use products that keep the bathroom safe. Range Medical Homecare Supplies carries all these products for sale and local delivery. Thank you.

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