The best thing to aid in your recovery.

Choose a rental lift recliner. Fully adjustable.

Pride Viva Radiance Lift Chair
Radiance $225 Per Month
Pride Viva Metro
Metro $175 Per Month
Atlas in Mushroom
Atlas $195 Per Month
Pride Viva Tranquil lift chair
Tranquil $175 Per Month
Ultra lift chair Recliner
Ultra $235 Per Month

Medical lift recliners will recline and adjust to nearly any position with the push of a button.  Finding comfort while recovering from surgery is as easy as pushing a button.  The recliner will also lift the user to a standing position.  Taking away the strain and difficulty of standing and giving back independence.  The lift chairs truly help the user focus on recovery and self care, reduce pain, and give comfort during a tough time.  

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