Medical procedures are difficult and painful.  They require time and care to heal from afterwards.  Although you will not be able to control many things during the healing process, you will have the power to make your recovery as comfortable as possible with a lift recliner.  During your recovery, your surgical sites will be tender and painful.  Putting stress on those sites will result in pain and a need for more medication, and will slow down the healing process taking more time to recover.  What a lift chair will provide you with is a comfortable place to recover that will allow you to take pressure and stress off of your surgical site with the push of a button.  Imagine twisting and turning to shove pillows behind your head or under your feet to get to a comfortable position.  Needing to strain and force movement while your body is recovering.  With a lift recliner, you will push a button to find your perfect, comfortable position to put your body in.  You can recline as far as you need to take a nap, or you can lift yourself easily to a standing position.  The lift mechanism is crucial to keeping your independence during recovery.  No need for your loved ones to pick you up and down from your chair in order to do physical therapy or go to  the restroom.  You will have your independence and the comfort your body is in need of.  There are many models and options of lift chair for every persons needs and size.

Lets take a look at one of our most popular models, the Radiance! The radiance is a big, comfy recliner with wide flat arms for sleeping. It comes with a heating pads in the chair for an extra relaxing experience and comes standard with a cup holder and wireless phone charger for convenience. It is offered in a medium size and a small size for people under 5’4″. Only $225 with delivery and set up included.

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