While recovering from a surgical procedure, the best friend you didn’t know you had is the electric lift recliner. During the recovery period after surgery, you will be stiff, and in pain. Your mobility will be limited and you will find it hard to get comfortable. Getting up and down off your couch or finding a comfortable position in bed with a bunch of pillows will be painful, difficult, and frustrating. You will want to focus on recovery and pain management.

Lift recliners are the answer. And since you only need it for your recovery, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to have one in your home. Range Medical rents electric, fully adjustable, lift up recliners for people going through recovery. Lets go over all the reasons why you want one in your home before you go under the knife.

First, they will lift you to a standing position and lower you down to a sitting position easily and safely. For shoulder, knee, or hip surgery or replacement this is a must. It will help keep stress off your joint. Help with limited strength and range of motion, and help keep you safe as you get up and down. This will also help keep some independence while you recover.

Second, you will be able to find your most comfortable position with the push of a button. Our lift chairs have four separate adjustable sections for infinite comfortable positions. You won’t have to shove pillows behind you to get comfortable or alleviate stress on a painful surgical site. Any type of mommy makeover, tummy tuck, appendectomy, breast augmentation that requires abdominal stitches will leave you in a decent amount of pain. Our lift chair will allow you to find that special position that relieves much of the stress and pain of movement in the surgical area.

Lastly, you can sleep in them! Yes, many clients end up sleeping in the recliners due to not being able to navigate stairs safely, like after hip replacement. Or need to sleep at a 45 degree angle, like after shoulder surgery. With the various models available, you will find the chair best suited for you. Range Medical will deliver and set up your lift chair rental. All chairs are vacuumed, disinfected, and shampooed before delivery. We place floor protectors on the chairs when needed and our dolly is also fitted to protect your home while we deliver.

Lets take a look at one of our most popular models, the Radiance! The radiance is a big, comfy recliner with wide flat arms for sleeping. It comes with a heating pads in the chair for an extra relaxing experience and comes standard with a cup holder and wireless phone charger for convenience. It is offered in a medium size and a small size for people under 5’4″. Only $225 with delivery and set up included.

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